Thursday, February 28, 2008

GAIL WHITTER / Trail, British Columbia CANADA


the ice chewer said...

Wow. I love this project. Ms. Burns has some very talented students!!!! This whole thing makes me want to be a teacher.

dberube-art said...

This post that you commented on is actually not one of the students from her class, I believe this is an adult artist, also from Canada. You went down one image too far.

But yes, there are a lot of talented kids in Ms. Burns art classes. From what I can tell she's a wonderful instructor, very encouraging and talented as well. She's in my MySpace top friends.

Perhaps you'll get to meet her this summer, she's coming to NYC for an extended summer vacation and we're actually planning on meeting.

Gail D. Whitter said...

yep. i am an adult artist (lol) ... this is a great blog and i am glad i participated!

dberube-art said...

Hey Gail-

I'm glad you participated as well. I never imagined that when I started this portrait call almost a year ago I would have such an amazing response from all over the world.

I was assuming that you were indeed an adult artist or of course an incredibly talented kid. ;0)