Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Because I’ve had so much fun with my “PORTRAIT” mailart call which officially ends on the 22nd of May, (I will continue to send out the remaining portrait cards that are printed up until they are completely gone), having received over 200 replies from 22 countries as far away as Romania, Serbia, Japan, Hungary and Malaysia and 16 states/29 towns within the United States I’ve decided try a new project.

This new mailart call is based around my crazy ongoing linocut print edition of what I call BERUBE-BUGS. If you’ve received any of my PORTRAIT reply postcards, you’ve also received some of the bugs created over this past year. They’re linocut images usually created on a small scale, (it started out over 10 years ago as a way of creating something utilizing the scrap pieces of linoleum I found my desk becoming inundated with after working on larger pieces), and bug-like in the loosest of terms. Some of these guys, and gals have 2 legs others have 15+ legs while some have wings, multiple eyes and the occasional human-like anatomically correct addition. So, although they are officially BERUBE-BUGS, perhaps creatures would be a more appropriate moniker.

What I’m planning on doing for this mailart call is to create a new BERUBE-BUG each month. For all bug-related replies received to my mailart call in any given month, I will return a limited edition hand-printed BERUBE-BUG postcard. Each month a new bug. All of my postcards have been and will be printed on recycled packaging, I suggest and would appreciate it if all participants do the same, think about the wonderful cereal boxes, dog biscuit boxes that go to waste.

So… the details are:

Send your BUG / INSECT / CREATURE related postcards to:

462 West 52nd. Street #3N
New York, N.Y. 10019

Please, be creative, put a little bit of yourself into it whether you’re an artist or not, NO mass-produced postcards or images please. Postcards are preferred, but all creature-related images welcome as well.

All mailart received will be shown on my new BERUBE-BUGS blog.

This BERUBE-BUG, inspired by the time of year that brings, green trees, beautiful flowers, as well as the bugs and creatures that seem to appreciate the warmth and potential that Spring weather has to offer with it’s arrival will be my BERUBE-BUG for the remaining week of May and as the reply card for all cards received to this call for the month of June.

Let’s have fun!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

IN EXCHANGE: Artist Trading Cards, Post Cards or Mail Art


ALL OF THE INFO IS BELOW: CONTACT BARBARA BURNS DIRECTLY AT: burns-27@hotmail.com OR ON MYSPACE AT: http://www.myspace.com/barbaraburns

****** PLEASE NOTE: If you had difficulty with the above email address, the problem has been corrected.

I would like you to be involved in my next Adventure in Art with my students!!!!

I like to see my students' Art work go beyond the classroom, as I believe 'Art is everywhere.' My students work has been seen from light posts, in hospitals, on the streets, decorated store's bags, renewed furniture and walls. … and so much more.

I've called this next project: "In Exchange." I did this with my students, from last semester, and they LOVED it!!! My students will be creating a series of works; the work will be Artist Trading Cards, Post Cards or Mail Art. From this series, they will send out one piece to another artist. From there, the recipient artist will create a work and send it to the student… thus 'in exchange.' Participating artists came from throughout Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Here's the "Who, What, When, How, Where….?"

WHO: My High School Art students (Grades 10 and 11) and you (if you graciously accept!).

WHAT: A student will send you a card (Artist Trading Card, Post Card or a Mail Art work) and you will send that particular student a card in return (Artist Trading Card, Post Card or a Mail Art work). Work is created in the artist's own style, favorite media or in experimentation. Draw, paint, print, combine media, collage, sew, recycle materials… the choices are unlimited…. Be creative and have fun!

What are Artist Trading Cards? They are like other trading cards; same size (2.5" x 3.5"), image on one side and info on the back. The main differences are each Artist Trading Card is an original mini work of art and they are not to be sold (exchanged/traded only). The information on the back has 5 'statistics:' the artist's name, title of the work, theme (if there is one), edition (if more than one work was created around a theme, concern, subject or treatment) and the year it was created.

What are Post Cards? They are like other post cards: same size (we are making ours: 3.5" x 5"), image on one side and address/note on the back. The main difference is that each Post Card is an original work. The information on the back will have the usual post card additives (name and address of recipient, stamp(s), personal note…), as well as the artist's name, title of the work and the year it was created. If you choose to create a Post Card, please note that it won't be sent in an envelope as it is a post card. Therefore attachments (i.e. things glued on) may be dislodged or go missing in the mailing process.

What are Mail Art Works? This is an original work of art that is placed in an envelope and mailed to the recipient. Often the envelopes are altered (painted, drawn, printed on) as well. We are making the size of our Mail Art works 3.5" x 6" (up to 8.5")… this way they fit in the envelopes!!! On the back of the piece is the artist's name, title of the work and the year it was created. If you choose, you may also write a personal note (like a post card).

WHEN: My students have ended this unit (and we were focusing on the Elements and Principles of Design/Alberta Art 20 Curriculum). Begin your work (i.e. play) now, or wait until a student sends you their work. Do whatever works best for you!!!

HOW: If you choose to participate in this exchange, please let me know via: (Barbara Burns http://www.myspace.com/barbaraburns ) or email me directly at:bburns-27@hotmail.com . Also, if you would like to create more than one "In Exchange" work, please let me know. I will assume that each participant will create one "In Exchange" work unless I'm notified otherwise.

Since this is "In Exchange" art through the postal service, you will also need to provide me with your mailing address (which will only be used for this purpose). From all of the participants, your name will be drawn out by a student. We (my students and I) will send out our work first. The Artist Trading Card or Mail Art will be placed in an envelope and mailed to you, while the Post Card will be sent as is. Once you receive a work from my student, please address your "In Exchange" piece to the student and mail it out.

WHERE: Once you are confirmed as a participant, I will email you the address of the school (it is in Alberta, Canada!!!!!).

I hope that you will consider being part of this "New Art Adventure" that my students and I are embarking. Hope to hear from you!!!