Thursday, March 6, 2008


I just received a few pieces of artwork from my online friend Bert Dombrecht. We've been communicating via the internet for the past year or so and I've been amazed with the talent this young guy has. He just recently had a children's book published in Belgium featuring his illustration work. At this point it's written in Dutch by Bart Van Nuffelen, but the illustrations and the story are universal.

From the publisher:
"It is summer. Anton sits in a small garden in the middle of the city. He is jealous of the heroes in his books. His mother never lets him do anything exciting. Then Steve turns up. The two boys climb onto the forbidden stair and imagine that they are steering a submarine. They are so busy playing that they do not see the whole city is worried about them."

A few of Bert's Illustrations:

Copyright Uitgeverij De Eenhoorn

Copyright Bert Dombrecht

Copyright Bert Dombrecht